Thursday, 1 November 2012


No, the title of this post wasn't just to catch your eye, it is actually relevant I promise.

So this is an Ad campaign that I think even those not even remotely interested in Advertising will enjoy.

It's for a Japanese music channel called “Music saves tomorrow”. The brief was to show this music channel was the number one for new and emerging talent.  It was a TV and website campaign that displayed the future of music in an extremely literal way, highlighting the idea that the love of music is an innate, ingrained part of us from the very start of our lives.

That's the boring bit. 

The fun part is that they did it through the medium of DANCING SPERM. The logo they form at the beginning is for the music channel, after that the way they dance depends on who's sperm you get and what track you choose. It's all fun and games until you watch the 'making of' video, putting a face to all that potential offspring makes it a little bit awkward. 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


As part of yet another job application I had to have 'an image that sums you up'.
After thinking long and hard about how to portray myself as a sensible, hard-working and efficient gal I ended up submitting this.

Really I think it was more about my disappointment upon hearing that there's a KFC opening in the student area of Sheffield  now I've left (I do love chicken). And the fact that I am very jealous of those hormonally  gifted individuals who can partake in Movember.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

On the Road

I've just seen the new film of Jack Kerouac's novel "On the Road". It was never going to live up to the book, but it did a pretty good job trying. One of the best parts was finding out that 'Slim Galliard' isn't actually a fictional character in Jack's mind, but an actual musician. A quick look on Youtube and I found the tune they use in the film Yip Roc Heresy. Music like this is the reason why I've re-started playing my trombone - it will be cool one day.

For anyone interested you can actually view the original manuscript Jack wrote at the British Library. I accidentally walked into the exhibition and was pretty excited when I realised what I was looking pensively at. He wrote the whole book in one sitting, taping pages and pages of paper together so that he wouldn't have to get up and interrupt the flow of his creativity. Now that's pretty cool.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Galavanting off

This was a lot scarier than it looks.
Graduating marked the end of a time when everyone I knew would be free for 6 weeks of the year to ramble off exploring. So we decided to head over to Sidari to catch a tan and eat as much Backlava as humanely possible. Pastry covered in honey and nuts is just too dericious to say no to. I plan to get a recipe that can do the real thing justice and then eat it continually.

Once it reached the point where I had forgotten what the words 'cold' and 'rain' were we arrived back in England and headed down to Cornwall for an extremely damp camping trip and an attempt at catching some surf. After a week I had spent a grand total of 3s actually upright on a board. I think it's safe to say the closest I'll ever be to being a surfer gal is my artificial dip-dyed hair.

Truth telling magnetic letters.
Watching the folk sessions at the Eden Project.
The Green stripe meant I was obliged to leg dance with
anyone and everyone who had a matching stripe,

Friday, 1 June 2012


Today marks the end of my student life. I had a particularly lovely (aka extremely stressful and difficult) Neuroscience exam to finish off the academic side of my student life.

In true Sheffield style I came out of the exam hall instantly enveloped in fog, dispelling any hopes I had of enjoying the sunny weather whilst it was about. I consoled myself with the thought that sunshine doesn't really suit Sheffield anyway.

I will love you no matter how much precipitation you shower on me

Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Hunt Continues

Raspberry and white chocolate macaroons and an orange and sultana  Panatone.
Photo taken with an extremely high quality camera phone.

When applying for creative-type jobs it's hard to gauge how 'kooky' you should be.

On one hand the applications encourage you to be original and memorable. But there's a fine line between memorable and just plain weird.

Today I applied for a job where I have listed my

"...ability to make delicious cakes despite my lack of smell" 

under the question of 

"What is your most unique characteristic".

I think the combination of a endless days/nights in the library and a diet that justifies cheesecake and a food group has finally got to me.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Being a Science Geek

This is a giant tube worm, normally found in deep sea hydrothermal vents thousands of meters below us. These guys live in complete darkness, not only surviving but actually thriving under enormous amounts of pressure and temperatures that range between 2°C and 450°C.

But what is most fascinating about them is that they have no mouth or anus. They get their food from bacteria in their blood utilising nutrients in the surrounding water and store the waste products at the bottom of their tube.

Throughout revision period the fauna of deep sea vents have kept me very much amused and I'm particularly proud of a little joke I've come up with.
Giant Tube Worm: "Do you know I have no mouth of anus?"
Vent Shrimp: "You're full of shit".

I here all week guys...